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    成報 2014-07-06 A05 | 港聞 | 新聞精選 求助精神病熱線七成女性

  • Chaos as red-card pan-democrats expelled

    Five pan-democratic lawmakers were thrown out of a Legislative Council Finance Committee meeting yesterday as discussion over the government’s funding requests continued amid chaos.

    The lawmakers were expelled after they surrounded the committee’s much-criticised chairman, Ng Leung-sing, holding large red cards demanding his resignation.

    Ng has been engulfed in criticism and accusations that he breached the rules of procedure twice to push through a vote last week on preliminary financing for a controversial new-town development plan for the northeastern New Territories.

    At yesterday’s six-hour meeting, all of the pan-democratic legislators placed red cards at the front of their desks to show their determination to remove Ng as committee chairman.

    A request by the Labour Party’s Lee Cheuk-yan that his motion of no confidence against Ng be processed before other discussions was turned down by Ng, saying he had arranged a special meeting on July 9 for that motion.

    Disappointed, Lee, his fellow party member Cyd Ho Sau-lan, the Democratic Party’s James To Kun-sun, the Civic Party’s Claudia Mo Man-ching and NeoDemocrat Gary Fan Kwok-wai leapt from their seats to surround Ng with their red cards, shouting “Ng Leung-sing resign”, and “Invalidate the northeast New Territories plan vote”.

    After a 10-minute break, Ng expelled Lee. But all five lawmakers were expelled when the group again surrounded Ng.

    “If he doesn’t deal with the motion of no confidence, the whole Finance Committee will be overshadowed by his injustice,” said Lee. “We were worried he would continue breaching the committee rules so we asked him to resign immediately.”

    Lawmakers who remained at the meeting also criticised Ng.

    Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung, of the Labour Party, said Ng’s failure to declare his position as a director of SmarTone, a subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties, which owns land in the new-town development area, should disqualify him from chairmanship.

    Ng’s position would involve more conflicts of interest in upcoming debates over other items, he said.

    The discussions on funding requests continued after a motion to adjourn the discussions by the People Power’s Albert Chan Wai-yip was voted against by 47 out of 51 lawmakers.

    On Thursday, radical lawmaker Wong Yuk-man submitted over 14,000 motions to challenge Ng.

    Yesterday, however, he withdrew the motions which allowed two items to be passed. Many pro-democratic lawmakers did not support the move as they felt it would block items related to people’s livelihood.

    南華早報 2014-07-05 CITY1 | CITY | politics | By Shirley Zhao Chaos as red-card pan-democrats expelled

  • 泛民集體自首警未拉投案者

    警方日前拘捕7.1 遊行主辦單位5 名成員惹爭議。工黨及民主黨共10 多名成員,包括立法會議員李卓人、張超雄及何秀蘭,自認違反遊行不反對通知書,昨晨先後到灣仔警察總部投案。他們譴責警方製造白色恐怖,呼籲所有參加7.1 遊行的市民都到警署投案。至截稿前,暫未有投案人士被捕。


    工黨主席李卓人指七一遊行速度緩慢的主因,是警方不開放軒尼詩道全部6 條行車線,引致很多市民中途插隊,包括在民陣車頭前。他又質疑警方在遊行和平進行下仍拘捕主辦單位5 名成員,是「濫捕、狂捕、喪捕」。

    民主黨:帶頭車司機一向安全民主黨9 名成員昨投案時帶同豬肉,諷刺警方的拘捕行動是「砌生豬肉」,他們一度因攜帶「大聲公」而被拒絕進入警察總部,其後與警方達成共識才獲放行。民主黨秘書長張賢登指自己代表民主黨聘請民陣帶頭車的司機,及制訂遊行安全駕駛指引,形容司機岑永根一向駕駛安全,若有需要,他可以作證人。

    4 傳媒工會批阻採訪警稱有協助另外,民陣歷屆秘書處成員發出聲明,批評警方在七一遊行期間無加開行車線疏導人流,反而將遊行緩慢的責任推向組織者。記協發表聲明,指警方7 月2 日遮打道清場時阻礙採訪,4 個傳媒工會包括港台節目製作人員工會、攝影記者協會、明報職工協會、壹傳媒工會亦發聯合聲明,批評警方當日清場時阻撓採訪。就4 個傳媒工會聲明,警方回應一向尊重新聞自由及採訪自由,明白配合傳媒採訪工作及與傳媒保持有效溝通的重要。警方指在7 月1 日港島區一項公眾活動中,有調派多隊傳媒聯絡隊協助傳媒。

    明報 2014-07-06 A04 | 港聞 泛民集體自首警未拉投案者



  • Lawmakers ask to be arrested at police station

    Labour and Democratic party members go to Wan Chai HQ to ‘confess their crimes’ in protest over action against organisers of July 1 march

    Leading pan-democrats protested yesterday about arrests linked to the July 1 march – by handing themselves in to the police.

    Labour Party legislators Lee Cheuk-yan, Cyd Ho Sau-lan, Dr Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung and nine Democratic Party members went to police headquarters in Wan Chai.
    They offered to “confess their crimes” and called on others to follow their example.

    Their move came after five organisers of last week’s prodemocracy march were arrested on Friday for “failing to comply with directions given by police” and obstructing officers.

    It is the first time police have taken action against the Civil Human Rights Front, which organises the largely peaceful demonstration.

    The pan-democrats who went to Wan Chai had their details taken and were sent away.

    They were also joined by “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung, who was released from detention yesterday. After leaving the Lai Chi Kok detention centre, the League of Social Democrats lawmaker went straight to Wan Chai and said he felt like he was “walking into another prison”.

    This was a reference to claims of heavy-handed and political policing in the wake of the march.

    Leung served four weeks in detention after being convicted of disorderly behaviour and criminal damage over the disruption of a forum to discuss the scrapping of Legislative Council by-elections in 2011.

    Leung said: “I’ve been in detention for 26 days and I see changes taking place outside that are turning Hong Kong into a big prison.”

    Meanwhile, at the end of a tumultuous week for Hong Kong politics, there were high-level fears that filibustering could block the approval of government initiatives due to be approved by the Finance Committee, which will hold its last meeting before the summer recess on Friday.

    Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Professor Chan Ka-Keung said it was “unfortunate” that many relief measures proposed by the government would have to be delayed.

    Chan said about 50 government requests for funding, including those for a low-income allowance and a new hospital, were still waiting to be approved.

    Leung also appealed to pan-democrat lawmakers from the five geographical constituencies to quit their seats to trigger a fresh round of by-elections.

    He said these would form a de facto referendum in which voters could voice their support for universal suffrage without screening in the 2017 chief executive poll.

    He said it would also be more convincing than the unofficial Occupy Central poll, in which 780,000 participated, as the government would be responsible for counting the votes.

    報導來源: 南華早報 2014-07-06 EDT1 | EDT | headline | By Amy Nip and Joyce Ng Lawmakers ask to be arrested at police station

  • 呂明才校長 被屈「去咗遊行」

    七一啱啱過咗,呢兩日Emily 有好多朋友傳來一條聲稱係「轉自黃潔蓮校長(沙田呂明才小學)」嘅短訊,話「自己」去咗七一遊行,仲指摘主辦單位嘅開路貨車專登慢駛引起鼓譟,又話學民思潮誣衊警方刻意阻住遊行隊伍咁話。Emily 噚日向黃校長求證,佢話「無去過遊行,亦無上載過任何文字, 短訊完全唔係事實」。佢係返到學校有同事傳畀佢先至知,今次慘被冤枉。
    呢條冒名短訊由七一開始瘋傳,Emily 嘅前行家柳俊江仲收到唔止4 次,連親子王國都有人轉載。除咗以上內容,又話立法會議員張超雄誣衊愛港力阻路,懷疑佢係美國派嚟攪局云云。


    明報 2014-07-04 A16 | Emily 呂明才校長 被屈「去咗遊行」

  • 拉布致工務小組癱瘓 人工島撥款表決無期




    頭條日報 2014-07-03 P34 | 港聞 拉布致工務小組癱瘓 人工島撥款表決無期


  • 市建局虧蝕 未要求政府注資


    東方日報 2014-06-25 A24 | 港聞 市建局虧蝕 未要求政府注資

  • 特首施政匯報力銷房屋扶貧 不談爭議


    稱雙辣招見效 未提細單位價續升






    明報 2014-06-25 A06 | 港聞 特首施政匯報力銷房屋扶貧 不談爭議

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